About us

Mission Statement

The PTA at Fulton Avenue School #8 has a long-standing tradition of working collaboratively with staff, parents and students. We welcome parents to get involved and be part of our School #8 family.

One of our goals is to bring programs to our school to enrich the children. We are aware that not all children are privileged to the arts outside of school, so we feel that cultural arts programs are extremely important.

As parents we realize reading is an important part of our children's education. Therefore, the PTA strongly supports and participates in activities to promote reading. We encourage children and parents to participate in the Parents As Reading Partners Program. In the past we have had storytellers present assembly programs bringing to life many favorite stories. Further to encourage the joy of reading PTA sponsors a Book Fair by which the children pay half price and the PTA does not make a profit.

The PTA supports many other school-wide activities. We start the school year welcoming new students to the School #8 community at our New Student Welcome Party. The winter starts with the PTA Reflections Contest. Children are encouraged to submit literature or art on a topic chosen by National PTA. During the last several years School #8 has been fortunate to have several Nassau County winners.

Besides these programs we have a Holiday Boutique enabling children to shop for holiday gifts for the special people in their lives. In the spring we have a plant sale so that the children can purchase plants for their home or garden.

One of our main goals is always to provide safety for the children around our building with our Traffic Safety Patrol. Parents are posted at morning drop-off locations, opening the car doors, allowing the students to quickly exit their cars preventing a traffic back-up. At dismissal time traffic cones are placed in the street and parents remove them from the street after dismissal which prevents double parking and traffic hazards.

One of the most important reasons these programs and activities are a success is due to the team effort of our principal, staff and PTA. 

We look forward to continue working with the entire staff and to continue to be a School #8 family.


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